How to change a mirror on a Opel Astra G Mk4

How to take out and mount back a glass mirror on Opel Astra G Mk4 1998-2010.

If you have broken mirror and you want to replace only the glass, in this tutorial we’ll show you how to fix the problem.

What to do first, push the bottom mirror glass inside, so you can enter a finger or an object from above through glass and housing to push the glass outwards. See below picture, in that image is not an Astra Mk4.

remove glass mirror from cars

To better understand this principle below you have a image with what is behind the mirror on your Opel Astra G (in what is caught the glass from the mirror body). You must wear gloves to protect your hand if the glass will break when you try to get out.

Red and blue arrows indicate the mechanism in what the glass stay fix from the mirror.

Change a mirror on a Opel Astra G Mk4


Replace a mirror on a Opel Astra Mk4

This mounting system is available for mechanical and electric with heat mirrors for Opel Astra G convertible, sedan, caravan, coupe, hatchback and bertone.

This procedure is valid in Europe for cars with left hand drive you can find them under the name of Opel Astra G and for right hand drive Vauxhall Fourth Generation, Saturn Astra, Chevrolet Viva and Holden Astra.

If you have another car and want to know how to remove your mirror just leave us a comment and our mechanic will answer you.

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