How to change the light bulbs on the dashboard clock of Chrysler 300 2006

DIY, change the light bulbs on the dashboard clock of your Chrysler 300, manufactured in the year 2006. This replacement requires a flat headed screwdriver, a plastic prying tool and two compatible light bulbs. The process is simple and wont take you more than 15 minutes.

     First of all, you will need to remove the main dash panel, as seen in the picture below. You can do it using a plastic prying tool or a flat headed screwdriver wrapped with a rag, in order to protect the plastic parts.

     You have to get behind the panel from one side and pry out. There are plastic clips all the way along the sides that you have to loosen. Just keep moving up little by little until the panel pops out. Behind it, you will discover many electrical connectors, as seen below. Unplug them one by one and detach the panel. You can use the screwdriver for help and don’t worry about misplacing them. Every connector has its own size and shape.

     At this point, you can access the back of the clock assembly and the damaged bulbs you wish to replace. You can do it very simply, by turning their small sockets counterclockwise using the flat headed screwdriver. Replace them, reconnect all the electrical wires and install the plastic dash panel back in its place. This is all you need to do, if you wish to change the light bulbs on the dashboard clock of your Chrysler 300, produced in the year 2006.

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