How to change the ignition coil on Ford Expedition

Do it yourself, change the ignition coil on your Ford Expedition. Ford used this type of coil on many car models and trucks with either the 4 cylinder engine (one coil equipped) or the V8 engine (two coils equipped). Only the location of the coil will vary depending on the car model you have. We show you in this post how to do it in a 1997 Ford Expedition. For this repair, you will require a marker pen, a 7 mm socket wrench with a ratchet and extension and a new ignition coil from your auto parts shop. This replacement is not very difficult, so you should be able to do it in about 30 minutes, if you do not encounter rusty bolts or other similar problems.

     First of all, you should open the hood of your car and locate the air intake hose and the metal clamp shown in the image below. You should be able to release it with your bare hands and remove the air box out of the way.

     This will give you access to the ignition coil, which is just beneath the air box. Now you will notice the spark plug wires, that you can remove, only after you mark them with numbers or symbols (as in the picture below for example). Their order is important and they should be reinstalled just the same on the new coil. After you do it, remove the four 7 mm bolts marked with red circles and that connector marked with the blue arrow.

     At this moment you can basically remove and replace the old coil with the new one. Secure it with the bolts and reconnect the spark plug wires and the electrical connector. At the end, don’t forget to re clamp the air intake hose and you are ready to go. This is all you need to know and do, if you wish to remove and replace the ignition coil on your Ford Expedition.

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