Replace the headlight assembly on a Toyota Corolla 2007

How to change the headlight assembly on a Toyota Corolla 2007

Do it yourself, change the headlight assembly on your Toyota Corolla made in 2007 this model was made starting with year 2000. For this particular repair you will need a Phillips screwdriver, a flat blade screwdriver and a 10 mm socket wrench. The repair process should not take you more than 30 minutes, if you do not encounter problems on the way (rusty or damaged screws, clips that just won’t come out, etc.).

Replace the headlight assembly on a Toyota Corolla 2007

     In the first place, you have to remove the front bumper of your car. To do that, you must remove the bolts and the clips that hold it. There are 13 on this car: two Phillips screws (marked in yellow in the next image) in the front of the wheels, eight 10 mm bolts (marked in red) and three plastic clips on the middle (coloured below in blue). We have marked only the fasteners on the right side in the next picture, but you will find them, of course, on both sides.

remove the screws of the front bumper on Toyota Corolla

     After you deal with all of them you can take the bumper out, by pulling from the edges (near the wheels). The piece will not come out until you disconnect the harnesses of your fog lights (shown below).

disconnect the wires of the fog lights Toyota Corolla

     At this point you can work to detach the headlight assembly. First, you have to unscrew the three 10 mm bolts holding it in place (see next image).

remove the bolts of the headlight on Toyota Corolla 2007

     At the end you just have to disconnect the three harnesses of the headlight, as detailed below, and you are done.

disconnect the harnesses of the headlight on Toyota Corolla

     Be careful to install everything back in place, reversing the process above, and in the end you will have changed the headlight assembly on your Toyota Corolla made in 2007.

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