How to change the headlight assembly on a Dodge Ram 2008

How to replace the headlight assembly on your Dodge Ram Facelift 2006, 2007 and 2008. You will need a small flat blade screwdriver, a 10 mm socket wrench and about 30 minutes for this repair.

How to change the head light assembly on a Dodge Ram 2008

     In the beginning, open the driver’s door and pop-up the hood of your car. There are two 10 mm nuts that hold the headlight and you will have to remove them. We marked them with red in the next picture.

bolts holding the head light on Dodge Ram 2008

     Now you must go to the front of the tire, behind the headlight assembly, where you will have to unplug the rubber cover show below.

bolt under the wheel holding the head light on Dodge Ram

     Behind it, there is another 10 mm nut, that you must remove. It may require an extension to your socket wrench, in order to take it off easier. After you do it, you will be able to detach the assembly. You should first pull from the left extremity with your left hand and then hit the headlight with the back of your right hand until the safety pins that hold it get out of their sockets.

detach the head light of Dodge Ram 2008

     At this point, you will notice two electrical harnesses, as in the next image. You can disconnect them by pressing the small safety plastic clips using your fingers or the flat screwdriver. You can service the light bulbs if you want, by turning the socket of the main bulb counterclockwise and the socket of the parking bulb clockwise (see the picture below). The one marked with red is the main bulb and the blue one is for the signal light.

service the light bulbs on Dodge Ram 2008

     At this point, your repair is done. You have to put everything back correctly. Make sure you have reconnected the harnesses and pay attention to the metal pins, that have to be aligned to fit into their sockets. Align the headlight in its place and press it until it is secured. Tighten the screws and you are done.

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