How to change the glass of the wing mirror on Seat Alhambra 1996-2010

DIY, change the glass of the left side mirror on your Seat Alhambra. The replacement procedure is identical for all the models of this car, produced by Seat between 1996 and 2010. You may require a flat blade screwdriver for this replacement and a pair of protective hand gloves. Replacing the mirror’s glass of this car will not require more than a couple of minutes.

     First, you have to detach the old glass from the mirror, by inserting your fingers behind it, as shown in the picture below. We recommend you to use a flat blade screwdriver or hand gloves if the glass is broken, to avoid unwanted accidents.

     If the glass is still intact and you wish to take it out that way, you should act very gently on it. It usually cracks when you try to take it out, but you can use a flat blade screwdriver or a prying tool and with patience, you may succeed. After you detach the old glass, you will notice two wires connected to it, used for heating and defrosting. Disconnect them and remove the glass completely.

     At this point, you can install the new glass. Look on the back of the glass and align it on the mirror’s holding assembly, as seen in the next picture. Then secure it by pressing on it from both sides with your bare hands.

     This is basically all you have to do, if you need to change the glass of the wing mirror on your Seat Alhambra, the model produced between the years 1996 and 2010. You can watch the next video tutorial for more details.

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