DIY, change the glass of the side mirror on Toyota Corolla 2000-2015

Do it yourself, change the glass of the side mirror on your Toyota Corolla, the model made between 2000 and 2015. This replacement can be done very easily, without tools and in no more than a couple of minutes.

     First of all, you will have to remove the old glass from the mounting support on the mirror. You might wanna do that because the mirror is broken, something is wrong with the glass or you simply wish to replace it with a new one. You can do it very easily, by inserting your fingers behind it and by prying it out, as you can see in the next image. If the glass is broken, we strongly recommend you to use a pair of hand gloves, for protection, or a flat blade screwdriver, to avoid touching the cutting edges.

     After you release the glass, you will have to unplug the two wires that are connected behind it, seen in the picture below. They are for the heating and defrosting systems on the mirror. Pull them away and remove the old glass completely.

     Now is the time to insert the replacement. Connect the electrical wires to the new glass, align it on the mounting support and press on it until you are sure that it is secured there. These are the steps you have to follow, if you wish to remove and replace the glass of the side mirror on your Toyota Corolla, the car model manufactured between the years 2000 and 2015. Watch the video below to see more details about this replacement.

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