How to change the glass of a side mirror on Opel Vectra C

DIY, change the glass of the side mirror on your Opel Vectra C. You can do the repair without any tools or you can use a flat blade screwdriver if the situation requires it or if you find it easier. We recommend to protect your hands with gloves, especially if the old glass is broken, in order to avoid unwanted cuts. The replacement is simple and can be done in no more than 5 minutes.


     The first thing you have to do is to remove the old glass. You can do it simply, by inserting your fingers behind it and pulling it out. If the glass is in one piece and you need to take it out that way, pry it out very slowly and with patience. You don’t wanna force it, because it will break very easily. After you detach the glass, you will notice two electrical wires. They are used to heat and defrost the mirror (see next picture). Just disconnect them.


     At this point you can basically install the replacement. First, make sure you reconnect the two electrical wires. Align the new glass as in the picture below, then press on it until it is secured and this is it.


     This is all you have to do if you plan to change by yourself the glass of the side mirror on Opel Vectra C. If you wish to see a detailed presentation about this repair you can watch the tutorial below.

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