How to replace the glass of the left mirror on Volkswagen Passat 1996-2006

How to change the glass of the left mirror on VW Passat 1996-2006

This is how you can change the wing glass of the left big mirror on VW Passat 1996-2006.

How to replace the glass of the left mirror on Volkswagen Passat 1996-2006

     You will need a flat screwdriver for this repair or you can do it very easily with your bare hands. Replacing the mirror’s glass on this car is quite simple and does not require more than 5 minutes. The first part of the repair implies removing the broken glass by inserting the screwdriver or your hands, carefully behind it, as in the image below.

remove the glass of the mirror on VW Passat 1996-2006

     If the glass is still in one piece and you want to take it out that way, we recommend you to pry slowly on the left side of the mirror, to the exterior. We always recommend you to act on the piece gently and with patience, because applying too much force will surely damage or break the glass. This one should pop out easily though, because it is held by a plastic pin. The process of removing the glass should end up once you have disconnected the two electrical wires used for heating the mirror, as shown in the next picture.

disconnect the wires of the mirror on VW Passat

     The last part of the repair is about installing the replacement glass. Make sure you reconnect properly the electrical connectors. Put the glass on the alignment as the original, paying much attention to the plastic pin, that has to fit into its socket. Put your hands as shown below and press from both directions until the piece is fixed.

install the replacement glass of the mirror on VW Passat

     These are the steps you have to follow in order to replace the glass of the left side mirror on a VW Passat 1996-2006.

See this video tutorial how to instal a new mirror glass on a Volkswagen Passat.

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