How to change the blower motor on Chevy Malibu 1997-2003

DIY, change the heater blower motor on your Chevy Malibu, produced between the years 1997 and 2003. You will need 7 mm and 7/32 sockets to make the replacement. The whole procedure might take you more than half an hour.

     The blower motor on this car is located beneath the glove box, on the passenger’s side. You can start by removing the plastic covers there, using the flat blade screwdriver for the small pin on the right and a 7 mm socket for the two bolts holding the bigger panel, in the middle, all shown in the image below. You might also consider removing the small light bulb, to make some more room in there.

     After you pull away those covers, you will have to slide away the CPU, because the blower motor is just behind it (see next picture).

     At this point, you can work to remove the three 7/32 bolts that secure the blower motor and unplug the electrical harness powering it, as you can see below. After that the motor can be pulled out and serviced.

     Reinstalling the parts is just about reversing the procedure. Insert the new blower motor in its place, secure it with the bolts and plug its harness back. Put back the CPU and secure the plastics covering everything. This is all you need to do, if you plan to remove and replace the blower motor on your Chevy Malibu, the car manufactured between the years 1997 and 2003.

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