How to change the blower motor on Cadillac CTS 2005

DIY, change the blower motor on your Cadillac CTS 2005. The repair will require a flat headed screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and a 7 mm socket wrench. The process won’t take you more than 30 minutes.


     In the beginning, open the passenger’s door and get below the glove box. The blower motor is located under a plastic cover on the bottom side of the dash, just behind the glove box. Start by removing the two Phillips screws shown in the picture below. Then undo the two 7 mm bolts at the bottom and release the plastic cover.


     Now, in order to be able to access the three bolts that hold the blower motor, open the glove box and remove the six Phillips screws marked in the next image and unplug the connector on the back of the tire pressure monitoring switch.


     Now, after you removed the inner line of the glove box, you can get back to the blower motor and remove its bolts and the electrical connector that powers it. The three bolts have also provisions for an 8 mm socket wrench, if you find it easier.


     Remove the old blower motor and then install the replacement. Secure it with the three bolts and reconnect its harness. Then make sure you reinstall the glove box back and the plastic cover at the bottom. This is all you have to do, if you need to change the blower motor on your Cadillac CTS, made in 2005.

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