DIY replace battery on Saturn Vue made in year 2002-2007

How to change the battery on Saturn Vue year 2002-2007

Do it yourself, change the battery on your Saturn Vue if it’s made between 2002 and 2007.  You will need a socket wrench with an extension for this repair and about 15 minutes of your time. The replacement is very easy, but you have to pay attention to some details in order to do it properly.

DIY replace battery on Saturn Vue made in year 2002-2007

     Begin the repair by opening the hood of your car. Go to the battery and remove its negative terminal cable, in the first place. We marked it in blue in the next picture, but you should look out for the “minus” symbol on your battery, just to double check. In the next step, remove the positive cable. It is usually coloured in red (shown accordingly, in the next image) and it is marked with a “plus” symbol.

remove the connectors of the battery on Saturn Vue

     Then, using the socket wrench and an extension, you have to unscrew the bolt holding the battery (as shown below).

unscrew the holding bolt of the battery on Saturn Vue

     You can replace the battery at this point, but only after you make sure the new one is similar. We recommend you to verify the compatibility of the battery before buying it. To make the replacement properly, just reverse the process. Tighten the bolt that holds the battery in place, connect the positive cable first and then the negative one and you are done. It is better to clean the inside of the cable terminals before, to be sure the connection is good. You can use a piece of sandpaper or another abrasive tool for that.

clean the terminal cables of the battery on Saturn Vue

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  1. Rudy Sauter

    You really don’t pat attention to detail. This is a hybriid car with the 36 and 12 Volt batteries in the trunk. You showing a front under the hood ordinary 12 V battery being replaced. Nothing is worse than read stupid crap that doesnt relate to the question asked. Wake up No more BS as a reply eiiiks what a brain

    1. Hello, Rudy, please inform yourself better, and when you are one hundred percent sure then comment. Have a nice day.

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