Audi A6 C7 repair heated mirror glass after falling off

Audi A6 C7 made between year 2010 and 2018, how to replace black plastic after the mirror glass peeled off and fell, or if the glass is damaged because of a hit, left 622573 or 348-0518 and right 348-0519 or 622574. If the mirror has not broken and you want to glue it, I recommend using an adhesive that withstands high and low temperatures. Do not put too much glue on the black plastic because it will no longer heat the mirror glass if the layer is too thick.

I noticed that on the Audi A6 first mirror which dropped from the support is the one on the left side. 

DIY tutorial how to change black plastic suport with a new mirror Audi A6 C7.

If you want to buy it these are the original and aftermarket codes:

Left side aspherical: original 4G0857535 or 4G0 857 535B Audi, and aftermarket 0342837 Van Wezel, 0232G01 Abakus.

Right side aspherical: original 4G0857536 or 4G0 857 536 D Audi, and aftermarket 0342838 Van Wezel, 0232G02 Abakus.

The dimensions of the mirror glass are, h measured the highest part as in the picture is 12.1 cm and length measured in the center is 19.4 cm.

Replace mirror glass Audi A6 C7

Replace mirror glass Audi A6 C7



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