Audi A3 last generation OE & OEM heated mirror glass codes

Audi A3 the last generation made between the year 2012-2021 this is the original and aftermarket codes if you want to change the heated mirror glass.

Both mirrors left and right sides are aspherical.

Left: original 8V0857535E, 8V0 857 535 E, aftermarket 13 03 37-81 Johns, 0335837 Van Wezel, 302-0100-1 Tyc, 6471782 Alkar.

Right: original 8V0857536E, 8V0 857 536 E, aftermarket 6472782 Alkar, 13 03 38-83 Johns, 0335838 Van Wezel, 302-0101-1 Tyc.

To replace the mirror glass follow these steps. The procedure is the same for both mirrors.

  1. To remove mirror glass put a finger or a plastic blade behind the glass and push on it.
  2. Disconnect these two wires used for heating, when you do that make sure that the car engine is off.
  3. After that take the new mirror and reconnect the heating wires. To put back the glass on the back of it you have 2 plastic pins, positioned these pins between 2 metallic plates, see bellow pictures you will understand better.
  4. Now you can press the glass until is fix on the mirror body.

Video tutorial.

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