DIY, easy way to apply tint film on the headlights of your car

Do it yourself, easy apply tint film on the headlights of your car. The entire procedure is simple and you can do it back home, by yourself, in less than an hour (about 30 minutes per headlight). You will require the tint film, a clean rag, a squeegee, a cutter and water, preferably in a small bottle with a pulverizer. First of all, you will have to prepare the headlight for the entire process. Use a soft rag and clean the headlight thoroughly for grease and dirt. After that, spray some water on it, but not too much (see picture below).

     Now take the film and remove its covers, both on the adhesive side and the other. Use the water bottle to spray some water on the adhesive side of the film (see image below).

     Then place the film over the headlight, in order to cover all its corners and, using the squeegee, starting from one side, you can begin to push out all the water (see the next picture).

     We used on this car, a film that doesn’t require heat to adhere on the headlight, as other types do. So, you just have to stretch it to the extremities and smooth it out from the middle to the extremities. Then, cut the excess material on the headlight’s edges, with the cutter. After you do it, you just have to finish the whole process with the squeegee, by pushing all the air and water out on the extremities and by smoothing the entire surface of the headlight. If you still notice excess film on the edges, you can cut it of course, at the exact size of the headlight. Finish the process and then move to the other headlight and repeat it. This is all you need to do, if you wish to apply tint film on the headlights of your car. You can watch the next tutorial for more details and info.

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