Reset service light Volvo S70 1996-1998

How to reset service light indicator on a Volvo S70 made in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

If you want to turn off the warning light, the one that remember you to change the engine oil and filters follow this procedure.

Turn off service light Volvo S70 1996-1998

For this model you need a special scanner tool.

To reset the light you must put the key in to the ignition, on position two.

Now connect the divece to to your obd plug.

The obd juck is located under the armrest.

And now you cand start the procedure to reset the service light on your Volvo S70.

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4 thoughts on “Reset service light Volvo S70 1996-1998

  1. Hi, I have a Volvo S70 with service light ON, the model will not reset using the ignition/odometer button, it seems that I need a special resetting tool for this car. Can you please recommend a suitable tool for this problem. Also had a replacement Air Mass Sensor and now have the engine management light ON as the garage were unable to reset this lamp either.
    Regards DW

      1. Hi thanks for your reply The car; Volvo S70, first registered in the UK Aug 1997 so the car could have been made as early as 1996. Have since obtained a OBD11 unit from Tmart (direct from China at £35) and able to reset main fault light but not the service-due-light. Have tried the trick of turning ignition key and pressing the tripometer button to no avail.
        Regards DW

        1. Hello David, I assure you that for your model you need a special scanner tool to reset maintenance service light. I do not know why you could not succeed due to reset with OBD.

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