Turn off oil life monitoring Fiat Sedici

How to reset oil service light on a Fiat Sedici for diesel engine model.

Your vehicle also has the oil life monitoring system that let you know when to change the engine oil and filter. 

If the oil pressure light blinks, you should change the engine oil and oil filter immediately since the monitoring system has calculated that oil life has been diminished by detecting a deterioration, increase or decrease of engine oil. The blinking light goes out after 1 minute and comes back on every hour. If the life of engine oil remains 0%, the oil pressure light blinks for 1 minute when the engine is started. You should change the engine oil and filter at the first blink. For details on how to change the engine oil, refer to “Changing Engine Oil and Filter” in “INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE” section.

Whenever the engine oil is changed, the light must be reset to monitor the next oil change timing properly. To reset the light, consult your Fiat Dealership.

Change the engine oil and filter at the first blink of the light. If you keep operating the engine after the light blinks, severe engine damage can result.


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