Restoring stored speed Fiat Linea

How to reset the memorised speed on a Fiat Lina. Produced in : 2007 until present.

Fiat Linea cruise control (constant speed regulator) (where provided).

It is a device able to support the driver, with electronic control, which allows driving at speed over 30 km/h on long and straight dry roads (e.g.: motorways), at a desired speed, without pressing the accelerator pedal. Therefore it is not suggested to use this device on extra-urban roads with traffic. Do not use it in town.

Switching the device on.

Turn knob A-fig. 47 to ON.

The Cruise Control cannot be engaged
in first or reverse gear. It is advisable to
engage it in 4th or higher gears.
Travelling downhill with the device engaged, the car speed may increase more
than the memorised one.
When the device is activated the warning light Device engagement Fiat Grande Punto turns on together with the relevant message on the instrument panel (where provided).

Reset the memorised speed on a Fiat Lina

Storing the car speed.

Proceed as follows:

  • turn knob A-fig. 47 to ON and press the accelerator pedal to the required speed;
  • push the lever up (+) for at least one second and release it: the car speed will be stored. The accelerator pedal may be released.

If needed (e.g. for overtaking), press the accelerator pedal to accelerate: the car will return to the previously set speed when the pedal is released.

Restoring stored speed Fiat Linea.

If the device has been disengaged for example pressing the brake or clutch pedal, the memorised speed can be reset as follows:

  • accelerate gradually until reaching a speed approaching the one stored;
  • engage the gear selected at the time when the speed was originally stored;
  • press RES B-fig. 47

Increasing the stores speed.

The stored speed can be increased in two ways:

  • by pressing the accelerator and then storing the new speed reached;


  • by moving the stalk upwards (+).

Each operation of the stalk will correspond to a slight increase in speed (about 1 km/h), while keeping the stalk upwards will correspond to a continuous speed increase.

Reducing the stored speed.

The stored speed can be increased in two ways:

  • by switching the device off and then storing a new speed;


  • by moving the stalk downwards (–) until reaching the new speed which will be stored automatically.

Each operation of the stalk will correspond to a slight reduction in speed (about 1 km/h), while keeping the stalk downwards will correspond to a continuous speed reduction.

Switching the device off Fiat Linea.

The device can be switch off in the following ways:

  • by turning knob A to OFF;
  • by turning the engine off;
  • by pressing the brake pedal;
  • by pressing the clutch pedal;
  • by pressing the accelerator pedal; in this case the system is not really switched off but the request for acceleration takes priority over the system. The cruise control is however active and it will not be necessary to press button RES B-fig. 47to resume previous conditions after ending acceleration.

The device is automatically switched off in one of the following cases:

  • if the ABS or ESP systems cut-in;
  • with car speed below the preset limit;
  • in the case of system failure.

When travelling with the device on, never set the gearshift lever to neutral.

In the event of device faults or failures, turn knob A to OFF and contact a Fiat Dealership.

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