Reset trip a and trip b Fiat Multipla

How to reset trip a and b on a Fiat Multipla.

The TRIP COMPUTER function shows the quantities related to car operation on the configurable multifunction display. This function consists of TRIP A (general) related to the total mission of the car and TRIP B (partial) which relates to the partial mission of the car. The latter function is part of the total mission (as shown in the following graph). Both functions can be reset. TRIP A is used to display information concerning consumption (average consumption), range, average speed, travel time (the time for which the car has been driven) and distance travelled. TRIP B is used to display consumption B (average consumption), average speed B, travel time B (the time for which the car has been driven) and distance travelled B.

Start of trip procedure (reset).

To start a new trip under TRIP A, with the key at MAR, press the TRIP button in TRIP 1 (see “Control buttons”).

Reset trip a and b Fiat Multipla

The reset procedure (pressing the TRIP button – TRIP 2, see “Control buttons” in this section) in TRIP A menu will also reset TRIP B. The reset procedure (pressing the TRIP button – TRIP 2) in TRIP B menu will only reset the values related to this specific function. IMPORTANT The range value cannot be reset.

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