Reset mileometer on a Fiat Marea 1996-2007

How to reset mileometer on a Fiat Marea 1996-2007. 

When the key is turned to MARCIA, the mileometer displays mileometer or trip counter (when the appropriate button is pressed). If the button is held down for more than 0.7 sec, the trip counter is reset to zero.

Speed indicator Fiat Marea.

Indicates gear engaged and mode selected for versions with automatic transm.

Outdoor temperature.

In air conditioned versions, it is possible to press a key on the central console to display outdoor temperature (in °C). This is displayed for about 10 seconds before returning to mileometer mode If the outdoor temperature is less than +3°C, the reading FLASHES for about 10 seconds in order to attract the driver’s attention to the danger of ice!

This function can also be used to test the electronic system of the thermostatically-controlled air conditioner (see Group 50).

Reset mileometer on a Fiat Marea 1996-2007



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