DIY, replace the side mirror’s glass on VW Polo 2005-2009

DIY, replace the glass of the right side mirror on your Volkswagen Polo, made between the years 2005 and 2009. You will need a flat headed screwdriver and protective gloves, or you can do the replacement with your bare hands, if the glass is not broken. The entire process will not take you more than 5 minutes.


     First of all, you have to, of course, remove the old glass. You can do it by inserting a flat screwdriver, or your fingers behind it. If you want to take out the glass of the mirror intact, we recommend you to pry carefully and with patience, because it can brake very easily. Before removing the glass completely, you have to disconnect the two electrical wires used for heating and defrosting, as shown in the next picture.


     Now, you will have to install the replacement. Make sure you connect back properly, the two electrical wires and then align the glass as shown in the image below.


     You must position the glass on the alignment as the original and press on it firmly until it is secured. This is all that you have to do, if you need to replace the glass of the right side mirror on a VW Polo, made between the years 2005 and 2009. Here you can watch a video tutorial showing details about this replacement.

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