How to replace the headlight assembly on Pontiac Torrent

Do it yourself this is how you can replace the headlight assembly on Pontiac Torrent 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. You will need 7 and 10 mm socket wrenches for this repair and about 15 minutes.

Change the headlight assembly on Pontiac Torrent

     You can start the repair by opening your hood. There are three bolts holding the headlight that you will have to remove next. You can check their position in the picture below.

unscrew the bolts holding the headlight Pontiac 2009

     On the left you have a 10 mm bolt. It may require an extension to your socket wrench, in order to remove it easier. The other two can be unscrewed using the 7 mm wrench. In the next step of the repair, you can remove the headlight assembly. You should first pull from the top, until the metal safety pin that holds it, gets out of the socket. Then pull to the inside and to the outside, until you remove the assembly. At this point, you will notice three electrical harnesses, as in the next image. You can disconnect them by pressing the small safety plastic clips. 

disconnect the headlight harnesses Pontiac 2009

     If you need to change the light bulbs, just turn their sockets counterclockwise and pull the bulbs out. The one marked with red in the picture below is for the main headlight bulb, the green one is for the signal light and the yellow one for the small side marker light bulb.

replace the light bulbs on Pontiac Torrent 2009

     At this point, your repair is done. You have to put everything back correctly. Make sure you have reconnected the harnesses and pay attention to the metal pin, colored in blue in the latest image, that has to fit in its socket. Align the headlight in its place and press it until it is secured. Tighten the screws and this is it.

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