How to remove the rear door panel on Dodge Intrepid 1993-1997

Do it yourself, remove the rear door panel on your Dodge Intrepid. The replacement is similar for most of the models made for this car, between the years 1993 and 1997. You will only require a Phillips screwdriver and about 15 minutes.

     You can start by disconnecting the negative cable from your battery. You may need an 8 mm wrench to do that or some other tool, depending on the system on your car’s battery. After you do it, open the rear door of the car and start by removing the four screws shown in the image below, that hold the door panel. These are Phillips screws and can be removed quite easily with an appropriate screwdriver. One of them is located on the left side, one at the bottom of the door pull, one behind the small door handle and one on the right extremity.

     Once you deal with these retainers, you can just lift up the door panel and detach it from the door frame. You won’t be able to remove it completely though, until you remove the rod of the door handle and the connector for the courtesy light, behind it (see picture below). Now, the door panel will still have a connector attached to it on the right, interior side. If you need to make repairs on the door’s mechanisms, you won’t need to unplug it, because now there is enough space to access everything. But you will be forced to do it if you plan to replace the entire door panel, or for some other reason.

     Reinstalling the panel is quite easy. You just have to align it onto three tabs at the bottom of the door frame, reconnect the courtesy light and the door handle rod, push the panel towards the door, make sure the small door lock is in place and slide the panel down. At the end, secure it with the screws and that’s it. This is all you have to do, if you plan to remove and reinstall the rear door panel on Dodge Intrepid, the 1993-1997 model, by yourself.

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