How to remove the front door interior panel Toyota Camry 2005

If you need to remove the front door interior panel on a Toyota Camry 2005, you will need a flathead screwdriver and a star-shaped screwdriver (Phillips). If you wish, you can use a door panel clip tool, that is very useful for getting the clips of the panel off.

How to change the front door interior panel Toyota Camry

     The first thing you want to do is to pry out the plastic part that is behind the door handle. There is also a small plastic cover a little to the right that you have to remove, and the triangle plastic piece on the upper side of the door, near the mirror. They will come out quite easily using the flat screwdriver. After you have removed the last cover, a small rubber piece located inside the door handle (the one near the window switch), you will discover three Phillips screws. The first is behind the upper door handle, the second is under the bottom door handle and the third is on the right, at the edge of the door.

remove plastic covers and Phillips screws Toyota Camry

     Remove the screws using the star-shaped screwdriver, paying much attention not to loose any screw washer or small piece, in case you will need them to reinstall everything. At this point, you will be able to remove the window switch panel just by lifting it and disconnect the two electrical connectors on it. Do not forget to unscrew the two bolts located at the bottom of the door panel and the one holding a mounting bracket attached to the door frame, as you can see in the picture below.

remove the door panel screws Toyota Camry 2005

     At this point you can pull off the front panel of the door. It has a series of retaining clips that attach it do the door frame. After you will detach them by pulling firmly, but carefully not to bend the plastic, you will be able to remove the panel. The final step of the repair is to detach the two rods shown in the next picture. You can do that by pulling out the plastic clips that secure them and pulling upwards.

detach the rods from the front panel Toyota

     These are the steps you need to follow in order to remove the door panel on a Toyota Camry 2005. You may want to make this repair if you need to replace the mirror, the interior door handle, repair the window regulator, change the speaker on the door, etc.

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