How to remove the front bumper on Honda Civic 2003

DIY how to remove the front bumper on Honda Civic made in year 2003. The repair will require the following tools: a flat blade screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, an 8 mm socket wrench and maybe pliers (in case you will have problems with pins or clips that do not come out). You should be able to finish the repair in about 15 minutes.

DIY remove the front bumper on Honda Civic 2003

     In the beginning, you have to open the hood and pry out the four plastic clips shown in the image below, using the flat blade screwdriver. Then you will be able to remove the plastic cover.

pry out plastic pins Honda Civic 2003

     You should repeat this process with the clips located on the bottom side of the front bumper (colored in red in the next image). You will also find two Phillips screws out there (colored in green in the picture below). If any of the plastic clips cause you problems, because they may be covered with sand or dirt, you can use the pliers to remove them. Of course, this is undesired, because if it happens, you will have to replace them from your local auto parts shop.

remove bottom clips on the front bumper Honda Civic

     In the last step of the repair, you will have to remove two bolts located at the edges of the bumper, above the wheels, as shown below.

remove the bolt above the wheel Honda Civic 2003

      At this point, you can remove the front bumper of your car by pulling towards you at the edges, near the wheels. You will just hear the plastic clips coming off and the bumper will come out.

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