Fuel cut off switch Fiat Idea

Fuel cut off switch Fiat Idea. Manufactured in 2003 – 2012.

The switch is located on the bottom of the car, near the pillar on passenger side. Move the carpet aside to reach the switch. It is tipped by a crash and cuts off the fuel feed, thus stopping the engine. When the device is activated the warning light turns on together with the relevant message on the reconfigurable multifunctional display (where provided). Inspect the car carefully for fuel leakages (e.g. in the engine compartment), under the car or near the fuel tank.

Press button A-fig. 84 to reactivate the fuel feed system and turn the lights on if no leakage is found and the car is worthy of resuming travel.

After the accident, remember to turn the ignition key to STOPto prevent draining the battery.

If, after a crash, you smell fuel or see leaks from the fuel system, do not reset the switch to avoid fine risk.


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