DIY, change the left side mirror on Toyota Camry 2005

Do it yourself, change the mirror on the driver’s side on your Toyota Camry made in 2005. The repair process is similar for models manufactured between 2002 and 2006. You will need a flat blade screwdriver, a 10 mm socket wrench for this repair and probably about 15 minutes.

change the left side mirror on Toyota Camry 2005

     In the beginning of the repair, open the door on the driver’s side and locate the triangle shaped piece on the door, shown in the next image.

remove the triangle cover on the door of Toyota Camry 2005

     In order to detach it, you should pry out on its right side using a flat blade screwdriver. You can use a rag to avoid scratching the paint or the plastic parts on the door. After you remove the triangle shaped plastic piece, you will notice three bolts holding the mirror and the electrical connector (see picture below). Use the 10 mm socket wrench to remove the bolts and then unplug the harness.

remove the bolts holding the mirror on Toyota Camry 2005

     Be careful, first try to loosen those bolts partially, because the mirror has no fasteners to secure it and it might fall down. After you remove the old mirror, you can install the replacement. Plug back the harness and tighten the three nuts (do not over tight them, because you might break the mirror assembly). At the end, reinstall the triangle cover on the door and you are done. This is all you have to do in order to replace the left side mirror on your Toyota Camry made in 2005.

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