DIY change the fog light assembly on Toyota Corolla 2002

Do It Yourself, change the fog light assembly on your Toyota Corolla 2002. It is a simple job to do. You will need the right socket wrench for this repair and possibly a small flat blade screwdriver. This repair won’t take you more than 10 minutes.

Replace front bumer fog light assembly Toyota Corolla 2002

     In the beginning, you have to slide under the front of your car and look behind the front bumper. You should notice the fog light assembly held in place by a bolt nut and a harness.  You will have to remove that nut (marked in the image below), using the socket wrench.

bolt holding the fog assembly on Toyota Corolla

     Once you have taken off the bolt nut, the assembly will come out the front of the bumper. It will be held only by its harness (check the picture below). You have to disconnect that cable in order to remove the fog assembly. You can use the small flat blade screwdriver if the harness doesn’t come out easily.

remove the harness of the fog assembly on Toyota Corolla

     At this point you can service the light bulb of the car. If you wanna do that, make sure you do not touch the surface of the replacement with your bare hands. It is known that the grease on your hands can reduce the life of the light bulb. If you just wanna install a new fog light assembly, connect the harness back, place the new piece inside the front bumper and tighten the nut that holds it. This is all you have to do, if you wish to replace the fog light assembly on your Toyota Corolla 2002.

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