How to change the radiator grille on Ford Focus 2000-2004

Do it yourself, change the front, radiator grille on your Ford Focus, the model produced between the years 2000 and 2004. To make this repair, you will need a flat blade screwdriver and a 10 mm socket wrench with an extension. You could probably do it in less than 20 minutes, because the process is quite simple.

     After you open and secure the hood of your car, you have to go above the radiator and remove the four clips marked in the picture below, that hold a plastic cover. They can be removed with a flat blade screwdriver, by prying out their middle part and then pulling them out.

     By removing that plastic trim shield you will gain access to the bolts holding the front grille. There are four 10 mm bolts, as you can see in the next image. Undo them with a proper tool and then pull out the grille. Be advised that you won’t be able to detach it completely, until you disconnect the two electrical harnesses behind it, that power up the parking light bulbs.

     Now is the time to install the replacement. Use the emblem on the new grille or make repairs on the old one and reinstall it on the car. Reconnect the light bulbs, secure the grille with the four bolts and cover it with that trim panel. These are the simple steps you have to follow, if you plan to remove and replace the front, radiator grille on your Ford Focus, the model made between the years 2000 and 2004.

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