How to change the headlight bulb on Chrysler PT Cruiser

Do it yourself, change the headlight bulb on your Chrysler PT Cruiser. Servicing this bulb is an easy procedure and can be done without tools, in a couple of minutes.

          In order to access the headlight bulb, you will have to get beneath your car, in front of the wheel and remove the plastic cover shown in the image below. You will have to turn the wheel to the interior of the car, to be able to reach to that cover. Obviously, removing the wheel and jacking your car would make it a lot easier.

     After you remove that cover, you will notice the back of the headlight (see picture below). You can simply reach in there with your hand and twist the bulb’s socket counterclockwise. After you pull it out, you can replace it with a new one.

     Now, make sure you do not touch the glass surface of the new bulb, if it’s a halogen. As you probably know, this can shorter its lifetime. Insert the new bulb into its socket and twist it clockwise, then place the plastic cover back. This is all you need to do, if you plan to remove and replace the headlight bulb on your Chrysler PT Cruiser.

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