How to change the headlight assembly on Pontiac Grand Prix 1997-2003

Do it yourself, remove and change the headlight assembly on your Pontiac Grand Prix, produced between the years 1997 and 2003. You will need a 10 mm wrench or a socket of the same size, a Phillips screwdriver and about 20 minutes of your time.

     After you open the hood of the car, you can start by removing the two bolts shown in the image below. These fasteners secure the headlight onto the body of the car. You can do it using a 10 mm wrench or a socket and extension.

     Then, you can just slide the assembly towards the exterior of the car and pull it out. Now if you’re just looking to replace the bulbs, you will have full access to them at this moment. If not, you can unplug the main harness behind the headlight, the one that powers the whole assembly and remove the lens completely (see picture below).

     This is the moment when you can reinstall the replacements. In most of the cases, you will have to separate the parking light from the main headlight, in order to move the harnesses and the bulbs of the old assembly onto the new one. That can be done by removing the Phillips screw connecting them (see picture below) and by twisting the sockets of the bulbs counterclockwise.

     After that, put everything back together, connect the new headlight to the main electrical harness on the vehicle, install it into the body of the car aligning it correctly onto two locking tabs located at the edges of the lens and secure it with the two bolts. After all this, you might need to adjust the aiming of the light. It has two adjusting screws on top, that can be actioned by a Phillips screwdriver or a star bit. Use them if necessary. These are the steps you need to follow, if you wish to remove and replace the headlight assembly on your Pontiac Grand Prix, manufactured between 1997 and 2003.

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