DIY, change the glass of the side mirror on VW Caddy 2003-present

Do it yourself, remove and change the broken glass of the wing mirror on your VW Caddy, the model made from the year 2003 until present. You will not require tools to make this replacement. The glass is easy to remove by hand but if it’s broken, for safety reasons, you can use a flat blade screwdriver or hand gloves.

     In the beginning, you will have to get rid of the old glass. To remove it, you can insert your fingers behind it and push it out, as seen in the image below. Be careful not to cut yourself, if the mirror is damaged and the glass broken, we strongly recommend you to use hand gloves or tools to do it.

     After you detach the glass, you will most likely see two thin electrical wires connected to it. You will have to disconnect them and plug them back onto the new glass. So, do this, align the glass on the metallic support on the mirror, as seen in the picture below and push on it, until you secure it.

     This is how you can remove and replace the glass of the side mirror on your VW Caddy, the model produced from 2003 until now. You can watch a video tutorial with this replacement down below.

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