How to change the glass of the left mirror on Ford Focus Mk1 1998-2005

Do it yourself, change the glass of the left mirror on Ford Focus Mk1 1998-2005. You need a flat blade screwdriver for this repair or you can do it using only your bare hands. Replacing the glass of this car’s mirror is a simple task and does not require more than 5 minutes.

DIY replace glass of the left mirror on Ford Focus Mark I 1998-2005

     The first step of the replacement implies removing the old, broken glass by inserting the flat screwdriver or your hands, carefully behind it, as shown below.

pry out the broken glass on Ford Focus Mk1

     If the glass is intact and you need to take it out that way, we recommend you to pry slowly on the left extremity of the mirror. We recommend you, as always, to act on the glass with patience and very gently, because applying too much force will surely damage or break it. You should be able to remove the glass once you have disconnected the two electrical wires used for heating, as shown in the next picture.

disconnect-the-wires-of-the-mirror of Ford Focus Mk1 1998-2005

     The last part of the repair is about installing the replacement glass. First of all, you have to make sure you reconnect properly the electrical wires. The glass has two plastic brackets that have to fit into the holding piece on the mirror. Put the glass on the alignment as in the next image, fixing its right bracket, first. Then pull it towards the left side until you hear the bracket closing.

mount the glass on Ford Focus Mk1

     These are the steps you have to follow in order to change the glass of the left side mirror on a Ford Focus Mk1 1998-2005.

     You can watch this video tutorial for a detailed presentation about this repair.

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