How to change the front bumper signal light on Toyota Camry 1995

DIY, change the front bumper signal light assembly on your Toyota Camry, the model manufactured in 1995. The procedure is for any Camry model made in the years 1995 and 1996. You will require a Phillips screwdriver to make this replacement and probably less than 5 minutes, because the process is very, very simple.

     You will start in front of your car, because this assembly is located and secured in the front bumper. Using a Phillips screwdriver, you will have to remove the screw marked with the blue circle in the picture below. You should not remove it all the way just yet, because it may help you to pull out the assembly, by holding on it.

     After you release the assembly, you will have to unplug the harness behind it (see image below). If the new signal light comes without a light bulb, you can move the bulb from the old assembly to the new one. You can simply twist its socket counterclockwise.

     In order to install the new assembly, reconnect its harness, insert it into the bumper first with the side opposite to the one held by the screw and in the end, secure it with the retainer. This is all you need to do if you need to change the front bumper signal light on your Toyota Camry, the model made in the year 1995.

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