DIY, change the broken rear door handle on Ford Ranger 1998-2011

Do it yourself, change the rear door handle on your Ford Ranger. This tutorial targets the model manufactured between 1998 and 2011, with the extended cabin. The tools you need for this repair are: a drill machine, a rivet gun and a new door handle from your auto parts dealer. The whole process might take you more than 30 minutes. 

     First of all, open the front door and then the rear door with the damaged handle. Using the drill, remove the two rivets marked with yellow circles in the picture below, that actually hold the rear door handle.

     After you do it, pull out the handle and you will notice two cables behind it. In order to remove them, first you will have to release the two plastic collars that secure them, shown in the image below. Pinch their ends and slide them out, in order to be able to work with the cables. Now, look inside the door handle and remove the ends of the cables from their slots.

     At this point, you can install the replacement. Prepare the new door handle, align the ends of the cables to their slots and press on those plastic collars to secure them back. First, install the back side of the handle into the door frame and then align it into place. At the end, using two rivets and the rivet gun, secure the door handle back on the door. This is all you need to do, if you wish to replace by yourself the rear door handle on Ford Ranger, made between 1998 and 2011. 

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