How to change the air intake hose on Ford Ranger 2001 4L V6

DIY, change the air intake tube on your Ford Ranger, made in the year 2001, the one equipped with the 4L V6 engine. You may wanna do this repair if the intake hose on your car cracked. This can give you problems like “check engine” light errors or rough running. For this repair you will need a flat headed screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and a 7 mm socket wrench. You can do it very easily in about 15 minutes.


     In the beginning, after you open the hood and locate the air intake tube, you will have to remove the plastic cover over the throttle body. You can do it using a Phillips screwdriver for the two small screws on the front and a 7 mm socket wrench for the one on the back, as shown in the image below.


     After you do it, remove the cover completely. Now you will have to loosen the two collars holding the intake tube at the extremities. There is also a breather line, that you have to unplug in order to be able to detach the tube (see picture below).


     To finish the repair, reinstall the new hose back and secure it with the metal collars. Reinstall the breather line and the throttle body cover and you are done. These are the steps you need to follow if you wish to change by yourself, the air intake hose on Ford Ranger 2001 4L 6V.

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