The car that runs with cooking oil instead of diesel

The car that goes with cooking oil instead of diesel. Yes it is true you can use sunflower oil as fuel and your car will not get hurt. The oil can be pure / virgin that is unused or used this one must be filtered.

On cars, trucks and agricultural machines manufactured until 2004 you can confidently add cooking oil in the fuel tank. I personally have met in Europe more car owners who use biofuel mixed with oil on the following vehicle: Mercedes – Benz, Opel / Vauxhall Astra G manufactured in 2002, Volkswagen Vento, Fiat Punto and Fiat Marea, my father started using sunflower oil 2 years ago an a tractor.

Cooking oil can be easily placed in the reservoir directly from the bottle (virgin oil) or used oil but this one must be clipped through a fine sieve.

Vehicle goes with cooking oil instead of  diesel fuel

Not long ago i found on Ebay a Mercedes manufactured in 1994, the owner wrote the description the following information the tun with cooking oil.

The car that runs with cooking oil instead of diesel

I’m writing this article from my own experience, my father works in agriculture and he have a tractor, at the beginning he mix half tank with unused oil and the other half with diesel fuel. Presently he use 100% cooking oil.

Search on an experiment made by Mythbusters with a Mercedes that at first goes with a liter of diesel fuel and then the same car is powered by a liter of oil, in both cases going in circles with constant speed, to see consumption and car behavior.

But this also has disadvantages, one of the biggest drawbacks is that you can not use sunflower oil in winter, because it will freeze. Another disadvantage is that you need to change oil filter more often than does normal.

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