Airbag light on because of fuse Fiat Multipla

Never turn the ignition key to MAR with a fuse removed; doing so would turn on warning light ¬ and the “fault” would be stored by the airbag control unit. In such an event, go to Fiat Dealership to reset the fault stored on the airbag control unit.

The fuse box is located under the oddments tray on the driver’s side.

The fuse location (n. 16 to n. 28) is not binding; to replace a blown fuse, refer to the fuse colour that must be the same as the fuse box colour.

To reach the fuses:

  • Raise the oddments tray compartment flap.

The numbers indicating the electrical components corresponding to each fuse can be seen on the inside of the flap inner wall.

  • Take out the inner cover, rotating the two knobs (A).

The group of fuses marked with letter (B) contains spare filaments.

To facilitate fuse replacement, use the pliers (C) located near the fuse box.

After use return pliers to their place.

Fuse Box Fiat Multipla

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